News From the Cloud Forest

welcome to the new and improved newsletter

The new Los Cedros Newsletter system is now live. Watch this space for updates and happenings.

The first posting is news from Edmundo Gooden, who earlier emailed myself and other Los Cedrosites with the following raft of good news:

“To you all, I have just received some new news which I would love to pass on to you.

At the reserve itself Sulma has openly declared her future commitment to assisting the Reserve so she is playing the lead role in coordinating the gourmet food side of things at present. Martine has been also getting involved by taking on the postion of Volunteer coordinator as well as acting as a guide to those that require it (What a dream come true). Some of you may also know Manuel who lived next to the volley ball corts at Magdalena Alto, he also is married to one of Martines sisters. Well he is also assisting allot more with coordinating the volunteers I am sure that that could well be running those beautifull farting, running into Banana Patch and/or the forest Mules.

The new kitchen and the volunteer quarters are in full swing so many big thanks to those realy special players in this campaign.

You may remmember word about making the official office for Los Cedros at Chontal well it is getting built as we speak complete with operational phones and radio, oh! not to mention a car port for the mighty Jose Mobil. There is also a community radio station which will beam it’s signal through the Chontal Valley so the communication links are well and truly under way. The email side and phone at the reserve is a little bit sadder, Jose has done absolutley everything reqiured however the Government department for communications has sat on it for four months so far, let’s hope they put the neccessary stamp on that sheet of A4 paper.

The tourism commission is going to instruct and issue official Ecuadorian Tourism workers certification to all those that may need it so naturally Martine, Manuel and Sulma will be in as well as numerous people from the Chontal / Brilla Sol and Sahaungal Pueblos oh! Magdalena Abajo as well.

Fabians work with Jose and the development of the Cotocachi /Cayapis Tourism concept is becoming a reality, there is already six groups from Spain ready to go.

So I hope this finds you well and lets you know that you have all played an important part towards the development of allowing Los Cedros protect that insanley beautifull symphony of nature. Now as you read this you may feel that you are not able to be involved with Los Cedros as much as you may wish, no matter where are, we are all linked, this time is crucial that we are commited to our resolve to preserve and protect our BIRTH RIGHT!


P.s there are people who I do not have there email address so could you please send it on, thankyou.”

Thank you Edmundo, keep updating us as you go.