News From the Cloud Forest

Primate Conservation Network

The Los Cedros Reserve received news today that an important project has been approved for financing through the Darwin Initiative, one of the United Kingdoms important contributions to fulfill obligations under the terms of the Kyoto Treaty.

The project is to create a network for the conservation of the critically endangered Brown Headed Spider Monkey, a primate endemic to Northwest Ecuador. Though the details of the financing approved are pending, the Los Cedros Reserve will be the center for collection of primate data and host to the training facilities for training community based primate monitors.

This project will provide the reserve with a defined direction in a much neglected area of scientific study. Other participants in this project include the National Herbarium which will conduct habitat studies and the Museo de Ciencias Naturales which will coordinate primate data collection.

Training will be initiated at this reserve for selected individuals, who actually live in areas where this now difficult to encounter primate is found, to create this community based network of monitors and data collectors.

This project will also provide many new opportunities for volunteer placement.