News From the Cloud Forest

Cautious Young Website Released Into the Wild

After many years of service the old Los Cedros website has been retired, and replaced by the splendor you see before you now. The original website was hacked together up at the reserve using a creaky laptop and an early digital camera. The new site is dynamically driven by open-source software and should allow easier creation and maintenance of content. Non-techies will hopefully find it relatively easy to write content directly into the site. Easier than before, anyway. Los Cedros is a dynamic reserve and it needs a website that can keep up.


Back in 2001, reserve inhabitants Sabel Rose Regalia, Gretchen Ferrell, and Michel Trommelen all helped write the first website, along with Jose and myself. Thanks again for doing that guys. Big chunks of the new site are in fact copied over from the old, so your work lives on. Also thanks to Edmundo Gooden, many of whose photos have also transcended the molting of the old site’s skin.

Many of photos featured on the new site come from Jonathan Spangler, who visited the Reserve in 2004 and has left a photographic legacy. Thanks Jonathan.


If you haven’t visited the photo gallery yet, I recommend it. In addition to Jonathan’s work there are lots of other great pictures from one of the most photogenic places on the planet. And if you have any photos from the reserve you would like to see added, the new system allows direct uploading. Just email me for an account and have at ‘er.

One of the cooler (and buggier) new features is support for multiple translations. See up there at the top, where there is a list of languages? Clicking on one of them should regenerate the site showing those pages that have content in your language of choice. Unfortunately we don’t have much content in languages other than english, yet. We need volunteer translators! Los Cedros is a truly multicultural, multilingual place. It needs a multilingual website.

There remains a lot of wrinkles to be ironed out, and a lot of fresh content to be created and translated, but the new website is born and released from the nest and crawling towards the light. Flourish young website! Welcome to the wild.