News From the Cloud Forest

Los Cedros’s New Facebook Page

Though I have been receiving notification for the past several years that people are asking me to join their facebook groups I still have yet to see a facebook page or personality on the screen. But I am reliably informed that old friend Rene Rosler with two dots over his o has created such a beast and other people are jumping on it. I do hope that this is not some elaborate hoax but here is the address if you are interested in finding out the unvarnished truth about volunteering or visiting here.

I will try to get my own page open soon so that I can see what this is all about.

Things around the reserve have been quiet for some time now as some of the pressures from land speculators appear to have lessened reciently. One efective measure taken by the community of Paraiso a few months ago was to grab one of the main people involved in the fraudlent sale of land here in the reserve and make him to agree to a public meeting on the subject. Of course he never came to the meeting and I have not heard a thing about his activities since.

The new watefall trail is now open and we have plenty of openings for volunteers. The new road to Brilla Sol passes only 1 hour’s hike from the reserve so getting here has never been easier. The new highway to Otavalo is also open with busses twice a day to Chontal one leaving Otavalo at 8 am and arriving in Chontal around 1 pm. with return to Otavalo leaving Chontal around 1:30pm.

So lets see if we get a response to this post and I will be back soon.