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80% of Los Cedros titled to Canadian Mining Fund

Three weeks ago the first maps appeared from the national mining regulatory ministry indicating that 80% of this proteced area has been titled to Cornerstone, a mining investment fund.  Since it is very irregular for such an entitlement to be given to a foreign investor without a public hearing, two weeks later Cornerstone signed an agreement to work with the national mining company.  This makes the title legal even if the public/priviate alliance was after the fact.

So far no presence of any prospector has been noted.   I know many people belive that this government has a good record with the environment but it just ain´t so.   Many areas of Ecuador have been afected by new mining titles in what must be the largest give away of Ecuadorian resources never to be reported in the press.

I hesitate to tell what measures are being taken from this end to combat this stupidity but let it suffice to say there will be legal and moral litigation coming.   If anyone out there knows someone who owns shares in this investment fund it would be important for us to contact them.   We need to present a list we are compiling of scientist whos work will be compromised if metal mining is the new zoning of Los Cedros.

I would like to ask anyone who knows this reserve to please write to a group that is coordinating this presentation.   There will be a general letter to atempt to reason with the CEO.  There are just not any places left to replace the biodiversity to be lost for the profit of some unknown and uncaring investors.

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