Help with Website Updates

Once you’ve logged in to the site, you can

Blog Posts

Once you’ve logged in, a blog post link will appear in the top right hand corner. Click on that.

Alternatively, if you go to the news page after you’ve logged in, there will be a Write new blog post… link. Click on that.

Or just click this.

Everything in the blog posting screen should be self-explanatory. Enter a title in the title box, content in the content box and when you’re done, click the blue Publish button.

To edit a post that you’ve already made, you can just find it on the news page, and click the Edit link to the left of the post. As long as you’re logged in, that link should show up.

If you need more help, there is an official Help button near the top right of the blogging screen. Or you can ask [email protected]

Editing Pages

Once you’ve logged in, an Edit this page link should appear near the top of all pages throughout the website. Just navigate to the page you want to update, click that link and you’ll be taken to a screen that looks and functions identically to the blog post screen. The content of the page will be there, in an editable text box. Make your edits, and press the blue Update button.

There are also buttons for inserting photos and movies and such, should you wish to.

The important thing is to keep the bus directions up to date.

Don’t worry if you screw something up. All old versions are automatically saved, and can be resuscitated if needed. Contact [email protected] if you need to recover from a catastrophy.