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by Monserratte Vásquez


An international alliance made up of lawyers, scientists, artists and public figures from different parts of the world, within the framework of the More than Human Rights” Rights” – MOTH, an initiative of the Earth Rights Research and Action (TERRA) Program at the New York University School of Law will establish an international interdisciplinary oversight office to monitor comprehensive compliance with constitutional ruling Nro. 1149-19-JP/21 in favor of the conservation of the Los Cedros Protected Forest.

In December 2021, the Constitutional Court decided to fully accept the protection action filed by the Municipality of Cotacachi to stop mining activities within Los Cedros, setting a legal precedent applying the Rights of Nature, thus recognizing the work of more than 40 years of Josef DeCoux (+), founder of the Los Cedros forest and the Scientific Station, where 6000 hectares of primary forests, a critically important biodiversity hotspot, 4 watersheds  that provide water to 10 communities have been protected. More than 130 published scientific studies allowed judges to get to know,       understand and realize this priceless enormity and rule in favor of life.


In May, we received at the Los Cedros Scientific Station a pleasant visit from several members of MOTH and about 50 lawyers participating in the “Second installment of the Global Program” organized by the NYU-MOTH Project and the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar, in the city of Quito. The purpose of the visit to the Scientific Station was to learn about the Los Cedros Forest and the local participants who advanced the judicial process that resulted in the triumph of Nature and the communities, resonating      worldwide. In a kind, profound discussion with the Scientific Station’s support team, they learned about the progress and existing difficulties ahead to carry out the court decision.


In the coming months, the publication and dissemination through international press of a specialized report prepared by NYU lawyers on this case and the level of compliance with the ruling      is expected. At the same time, this group of professionals, together with Los Cedros’s extensive network of allies in Ecuador and several countries around the world, are organized to ensure the preservation of this important, unique and emblematic area of ​​cloud forests in the northwest of Ecuador.

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