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by Monserratte Vásquez


On International Children’s Day, the Scientific Station visited some single-teacher schools in the Los Manduriacos Valley to deliver teaching materials, as an educational contribution to the area. We shared a lovely day with the children, their teachers and their mothers and fathers, accompanied by a puppet show by the Performing Arts Company “El Revuelque Títeres”.

Respecting art as a human right to which we all should have access, plus the facts that art makes a great ally for     moving human conscience and is a playful and fun way to learn, we are committed to linking art with education.

So on 3 different days, we visited schools inMagdalena Alto, Pueblo Unidos and Brillasol communities, presenting the puppet show called “My super, super hero.” The work’s purpose is to provide tools to girls and boys to prevent sexual violence against them, identifying the different forms of violence, promoting self-confidence and the ability to identify trustworthy people who can protect, care for and believe them.

Addressing this issue is of utmost importance, as rates of sexual violence against girls, boys and adolescents remains high and is one of the main threats to life’s crucial developmental stages. We are committed to happy, cared for and safe childhoods. We are very happy to be able to link our work with the educational institutions in the area and for their fond reception.

Soon we will have more news about incredible activities we will make happen with the educational institutions of the Los Manduriacos Valley.

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