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by Monserratte Vásquez


On the occasion of the celebration of the 55 years of the creation of the Cotacachi Cayapas National Park, the Ministry of Environment and Ecological Transition invited the Los Cedros Scientific Station to be part of the program.

Thus, we participated with the call for an audiovisual contest aimed at students from educational institutions in the Los Manduriacos Valley.

Several topics were proposed for the students to choose from, such as the history of the creation of the Cotacachi – Cayapas National Park and/or the Los Cedros Protective Forest, the importance of the ecosystems that make up the Chocó and the Andes bioregion for the planet, the value of biodiversity for communities, the importance of conserving and protecting the forests of the Los Manduriacos Valley, etc.

Participation was gratifying with the participation of more than 15 students from both institutions who showed an avid interest in topics related to nature and conservation. As well as a great capacity for creation, communication strategies and management of editing programs.

The students’ audiovisual products had a research component. Several of them visited the Los Cedros Scientific Station, some to establish a dialogue with its administrator Josef DeCoux and express their work dedicated to the conservation of the Los Cedros Protective Forest and others as a primary source of information that enhances the message of their audiovisual product based on to the information available to the Station.




Visit our YouTube channel to view the work of the young people:


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