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by Monserratte Vásquez


On October 14, one of the most important bird watching events in the world took place, the “October Big Day”, we participated together with young inhabitants of the communities surrounding the Los Cedros Protective Forest, who are part of the Forest Ranger course, as well as fans of this important practice.

From 5:00 am until sunset, we traveled several routes within the Forest, where we not only marveled at the colors, songs and flights of the birds, but it was also a great opportunity to observe many other incredible species that coexist in the forest. cloudy like families of howler monkey (Alouata palliata), squirrels, frogs and countless orchids.

As night fell and after counting, we learned that we managed to record a total of 140 species of birds. Among our sightings we found incredible and valuable species for the ecosystems of Chocó, such as the Andean Piquilaminate Toucan, Ocellated Tapaculo, Beautiful Magpie and Red-faced Tanager.




Fotos cortesía: Eduardo Obando

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